"The next four years are critical to the future of all Lynnwood community members. Our City deserves a Mayor who is ready to face the challenges that will come with the arrival of Light Rail in 2024. 


The stress on our infrastructure, the added demands on the City Budget and a City population that will grow exponentially, will require experience, foresight and strong leadership.

As your next Mayor, I will work relentlessly to meet these challenges and fulfill these requirements to better serve the people of Lynnwood."     - George Hurst




Maintenance of our neighborhood streets has been ignored for years.  The underfunding of road maintenance has resulted in focusing on arterial upkeep while residential streets continue to deteriorate. Our neighborhoods deserve better.

As your Mayor, I will focus on street repairs in residential neighborhoods as well as busier arterials. As we spend more time working and playing at home, the roads surrounding us deserve the focus and care we should expect from city government.



A lot of households and businesses are struggling right now, the City should stop adding taxes onto utility bills. It is time to permanently remove the taxes that the City has put on the necessities of water, sewer, and electricity.

Another burden on Lynnwood residents is the $40 car tab fee charged to every car registered in our City. In 2019, 55% of Lynnwood voters supported I-976, the “$30 Car Tab” initiative.  The state fought this initiative in the courts and overturned the vote of the people.  The City needs to respect the will of Lynnwood’s voters by ending the City car tab fee.


Lynnwood businesses are struggling right now, and their survival is essential to rebuilding our local economy. The City needs to reassess the head tax charged on every employee and the fees we place on our businesses.


As Mayor I will work to remove the $40 tab fee, put a stop taxes on utilities and will encourage business growth, not tax it. 


The City of Lynnwood has never had a Housing Policy to guide development and we are paying the price for that omission. 


In our City over 3,000 apartments are now being planned or built and the only houses being constructed have an average sales price of over $900,000.  We are lacking what is called “the missing middle”. These are homes that are affordable to residents, such as young families, teachers, retail workers or seniors down-sizing. 



As Co-chair of the Council’s Housing Committee, I am part of a team that will create a housing policy by June 2021,  which will encourage the construction of the missing middle. As Mayor I will follow through with it's implementation to help eleviate our housing crisis and making Lynnwood a more affordable city to live in.



Public Safety is always an important issue.  We ask our police to respond to any 911 call unless it is a fire and/or medical emergency.  This is an unfair burden on our police officers.

Through the planned partnership with the Community Health Center, there will be options for the treatment of drug addiction and mental health crises that dominate police calls for service and is critical in assisting those who need a helping hand get the services they need to improve their quality of living.


As Mayor I will make sure these innovative advancements to our systems become a reality by creating a Public Safety Commission, which will connect community input with City policies.





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