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Trouble in Lynnwood

Posted: July 22, 2021


There is a housing crisis in Lynnwood. Whispering Pines is a Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASCO) apartment complex of 240 units that will be torn down in September and must be vacated by August 31.  The most recent information is that 70 units are still occupied. There are now 6 weeks to find housing for these folks at a time when waiting lists for these types of apartments  are measured in years not weeks or months. Unless things change dramatically the City will be faced with a massive wave of residents who will be on our streets or living in their cars. It is time for the County, the City and our faith community to work together to prevent this crisis. Four times in the last two years I have asked the City Council to pass a Displaced Low-income Tenant Ordinance and have been turned down. The present administration and Council have stood by and have ignored the tenants of Whispering Pines. As your Mayor, I will make sure that you will have a City government that serves all our residents with respect and compassion.

George Hurst elected as Lynnwood’s City Council President

From Lynnwood Times 


LYNNWOOD, WASH., January 12, 2021 – At last night’s Lynnwood City Council Business Meeting, Lynnwood resident and Position 6 Councilman, George Hurst was elected as the new City Council President with a 4-3 vote.

Councilman Ian Cotton stated he nominated Hurst because of his track record of service and leadership, especially with the Regional Fire Authority.  Read More...

Mayor’s State of City address: In face of pandemic, ‘Lynnwood remains strong, strategic, resilient’

Posted: January 28, 2021

From Lynnwood Today


The official groundbreaking for the Lynnwood Link

Light rail extension project opening in 2024.

....During opening remarks, recently elected Lynnwood City Council President George Hurst reminded the community of the importance of local government and the effects it has on their daily lives.

Everyday necessities like water, sewer, roads improvements, parks maintenance and police protection are provided by the city government, which is why a trusted city government “becomes even more important for the community members of Lynnwood,” he said. 

However, uncertain times have created great challenges, like financial insecurities, which Hurst said has caused city leaders to struggle to provide these everyday necessities.

Hurst also cautioned that the city still faces potential complications from the pandemic, and he predicted a tidal wave of rental evictions and business closures as people struggle during the economic downturn. He also warned about the pandemic’s impacts on communities of color, who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

“As the pandemic continues in 2021, we will continue to have financial challenges, the fear of eviction will not disappear and justice for our diverse population will not be satisfied by superficial political promises,” he said.

Lynnwood City Council President George Hurst announces he will be running for Mayor of Lynnwood.

Feb. 22, 2021

Lynnwood City Council President George Hurst is announcing his candidacy for Lynnwood City Mayor.

George Hurst is currently serving his 6th year as a Councilmember, first elected to office in 2015, and is the current City Council President. He and his wife Pam have lived in Lynnwood for 27 years, raised their children here and watched them graduate from Lynnwood High School. George has actively been involved with local government, currently serving on the 911 Personnel Committee and Future Facilities Committee, Snohomish Emergency Radio Advisory Board, I-405 BRT Elected Advisory Group, Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board and the Lynnwood Planning Commission Liaison.

George knows strong leadership will be required to meet the ongoing and upcoming issues that will enable Lynnwood to navigate the upcoming changes for Lynnwood residents, commuters and businesses.

While the arrival Light Rail takes much of the city’s focus, George realizes that on top of this there are many other issues facing our community:
Infrastructure to handle the buses and traffic to and from the trains, widening roads is a must, but George knows that many residential roads in Lynnwood are also in need of maintenance and attention and plans to address this.
COVID-19 has impacted the finances of many of our residents and businesses. Many are struggling to make ends meet. George has a plan to ease their tax burden by removing the taxes the city has put on necessities of water, sewer and electricity. 55% of Lynnwood residents voted for $30 car tabs in 2020 and it was overturned in the courts. George believes that government should uphold the will of the people and, in Lynnwood, remove the $40 city fee that have been attached to our car tabs. He also feels the city should reassess the head tax burden placed on businesses in Lynnwood, to help them recover and remain a strong part of our community.

Lynnwood has never had a Housing Policy to guide development and affordable housing is a huge issue to those who work and live in our city. With over 3,000 apartments now being planned or built and single-family homes being constructed costing over $900,000, George feels our city is lacking “the missing middle”. George plans to address this to make Lynnwood a more affordable city to live in.

George stated: “The next four years are critical to the future of all Lynnwood community members. Our City deserves a mayor who is ready to face the challenges that will come with the arrival of Light Rail in 2024. The stress on our infrastructure, the added demands on the City Budget and a City population that will grow exponentially, will require experience, foresight and strong leadership. As your next Mayor, I will work relentlessly to meet these challenges and fulfill these requirements to better serve the people of Lynnwood.”


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